Photography Fred Lopez

Rheya Tanner


Rheya can be best described as “a hard act to follow,” partly because nobody knows what the hell she’s going on about. A bright-eyed cynic with rabbit holes for brain cells, she enjoys juggling a variety of projects—drawings, poems, music, grocery lists—that she never actually finishes.


She has an eye for color, an ear for words and a thumb for killing plants. Her jack-of-trades skillsets and aversion to sitting still have led her to wearing many hats around the office—and not just the ones she crochets by hand.


In her free time: She prods at any of several half-written works that will never see the light of day and determines which of her shirts will fit her dog.

Ask her about: Good eyebrows, living in an RV, Pokémon, adult coloring books

Don’t even get her started on: Time travel in fiction, the technological singularity, closed-toed shoes (otherwise known as “foot prisons”)