With an oddball name like Em, it’s probably no surprise that we began this thing filled with some high-minded ideas. These are the principles that guide and fuel us. If you’ve worked with us, you’ve seen them in action.

Question Everything.

We ask questions. We ask tons of questions. We celebrate curiosity because we believe asking the right question leads to the right answer. Our sincere apologies to any cats this may have killed.

Let Your Aim Be True.

Flashy lights and fancy jargon can’t hold a candle to a brand whose message is honest and direct. If it’s not the truth, it’s not worth telling.

Enjoy the Ride.

Leaving a little space for fun isn’t just natural for creative minds. It’s vital. And laughter has a way of being contagious. Besides, without a little fun, isn’t work a bit too much like work?


Ducks don’t paddle to stay afloat—they paddle to move forward. Like them, we keep swimming, and we never let ‘em see us sweat.