Photography Fred Lopez

Josh Clark


Josh doesn’t want to leave his house, yet he wants to go to space. He looks like a ’70s rocker at first glance, yet he’s just as likely to be perusing the local library as tearing up a bassline on stage. He dresses only in the barest earth tones, yet he’s the most vibrantly talented artist and Photoshop guru around.


Simultaneously a vivacious conversationalist and a fatuous dweeb, Josh is always happy to share a drink and a smoke with good company. He instinctively brings just the right flavor to any room (as well as any image). If you’re looking for him, you’ll find him out on a patio, carrying a guitar and a grin.

In his free time: He sits at home buried in a book you’ve never heard of, sipping a beer you think is cheap and listening to an album you wouldn’t like.

Ask him about: his (wife’s) cats, black coffee, Frank Zappa, Farside comics

Don’t even get him started on: his (wife’s) cats, pop music, whatever’s in the news right now