The New Old-School

The world of advertising is really no different from any other. It goes gaga over the latest technology, the hottest program, the shiniest bauble on the shelf. “Ooh, look at that!” becomes “I need that!” faster than you can say “integrated social marketing platform.”

But do you really?

That urge to have the newest thing is soon followed by the urge to have it now! Unfortunately, that leads many clients and shortsighted agencies to leap before they look, often resulting in a waste of effort and a waste of money. Clients especially hate that last part.

Do you really need that shiny thing? Do you really need it now? If you’re asking Em, the answer will always be two little words:

Not. Yet.

Not until we do the in-depth, unglamorous foundational work. Not until we know you, your company, your capabilities, your competition and your goals. Not until we analyze the market to come up with ways to beat it.

It’s old-school to be sure, solved with a generous coat of elbow grease and brought to life at the business end of a pencil. (Or a digital stylus. The metaphor still holds.)

New advertising gives us new media choices, new delivery systems, new tech breakthroughs. But those are all just new ways of doing the same old stuff.

Take away the shimmery topcoat and you’ll find the same stuff that the old-school advertisers used to build businesses, corporations and—frankly, if we were given to the tiniest bit of hubris—the economy itself.

Everything old is new again. Or is it vice versa? We like both, but given the choice, we’d rather school ‘em the old-fashioned way.