Photography Fred Lopez

Kiara Lopez


Kiara has dedicated her life to one thing, and it is chasing. that. vibe. Whether it’s through her paintbrush, her pals, her piano keys, or her playlist, she knows she can count on her crafter’s intuition to lead her to a new experience, a new outlook. (We hear that the kids call this vibin’.)


The quintessential Type B personality, Kiara is approachable and adaptable—with a hoodies-and-sneakers aesthetic to match. She brings a unique backbeat of energy that allows her to lean into any challenge with ease. What she doesn’t know now, she’ll know soon, and she’ll know it better than you did when you asked her. It’s been weeks since anyone at the office has seen her arms.

In her free time: She hangs out with her fam, her friends, her coworkers, her pets, vague acquaintances, whoever is down to hang. Any time, anywhere.

Ask her about: Drake, her godson Eli, the color blue, her brother’s comics, The Cat in the Hat (2003)

Don’t even get her started on: What a crime it is that pizza isn’t Keto; Any marginally famous person with the last name “Lopez.”