Photography Fred Lopez

Jamie Ezra Mark


Jamie is known for his hands-on, shoes-off approach to creativity. He believes in big ideas and knows how to apply them seamlessly to a brand. Through years of trial and error, he has developed diverse, niche tastes in art, travel, illustration, magazines, music and, most importantly, ray guns. Zap! Pow! Bang!


Pinterest is hands-down Jamie’s favorite social media platform, specifically because it’s the least social. He may or may not consider his meticulously curated boards to be his single greatest contribution to humanity. Check him out @jamieezramark. Or don’t. (But do.)

In his free time: He fortifies his ray gun arsenal, maintains a dozen Words With Friends games and builds LEGO projects with his son.

Ask him about: The Cohen brothers, Jellyfish (the band), storage containers as homes, The Cult (also the band), deiselpunk, the Detroit years

Don’t even get him started on: Screened-in pools, Eraserhead, flat brims on baseball caps