Photography Fred Lopez

Heather Anne Lee


Heather is a thrill seeker, dream chaser, and unabashed advocate for bravery in the face of adversity. Never one to be defined by just one calling, she’s the ultimate content specialist, weaving her vast experiences into scroll-stopping content for businesses and brands. She’s also an intuitive listener and cheerleader—not the Netflix Cheer kind, but the in-a-foxhole-you-can-do-it kind.


In a sea of Millennials, she’s the steady, yet forgotten voice of Gen Xers everywhere. With 15 years of experience in publishing and another 10 in the restaurant industry, she’s filled niches as a writer, an editor, a photographer, and a classically trained chef. As a result, no one seems to know exactly what she does. But that doesn’t stop them from loving her work anyway.

In her free time: She reads cookbooks for pleasure, wages a losing battle with bougainvillea, and daydreams about The. Next. Big. Trip.

Ask her about: All things food, Bravolebrities, playing the oboe, and #mysuicidestory

Don’t even get her started on: Overly-styled food photography, bad menu design, comb overs, cats