Photography Fred Lopez

Wendy Mak


What is she thinking? How is she doing? Is she just quiet, or is she biding her time? Nobody knows, nor do they dare to ask. Wendy is Em’s prime paradigm of preparedness, always on schedule, always moving, always just as well choreographed as her favorite K-Pop bands.


As a lover of food and fantasy, she is always down to share a meal and a movie with friends. And as Singapore native, Wendy’s easygoing nature and distinct perspectives on art, music, pop culture and the world at large make for interesting conversations—if you can get her talking, that is.

In her free time: She stays home with desserts and catches up on some shows, duh. Jealous?

Ask her about: K-Pop, hot sauce as a vital condiment, Studio Ghibli, food prep

Don’t even get her started on: Having three separate Photo IDs but none of them are a driver’s license, posting meals on social media