Photography Fred Lopez

Mark McWaters


The first words Mark uttered as a baby came out as a complete sentence and he hasn’t stopped putting words together since. He’s the resident Boomer in an office full of Millennials—and holds his own admirably (he thinks). He approaches words with a special reverence and views the N.Y. Times Sunday Crossword as a personal challenge.


Dogs are Mark’s favorite people. He knows his way around a kitchen (he once won a chili cook-off) but has never mastered the art of chop-chop-chopping like the TV chefs. And agrees with most anthropologists that the art of storytelling is the key reason humanity survived as a species.

In his free time: Mark writes novels—he has a growing catalog on Amazon—and short stories that continue to win awards with the Florida Writers Association.

Ask him about: his recipe for the perfect gin and tonic and why Bentley (best Westie on the planet) is his favorite editor.

Don’t even get him started on: the woeful state of modern music and the lack of enduring musical icons.