Photography Fred Lopez

Garrett Reardon


There is a certain… quality about Garrett. He doesn’t care for most things, and he doesn’t care who knows it. He is a digital sleuth, able to find pretty much anyone, pretty much anywhere. Imagine a tech-savvy, but equally curmudgeonly Larry David and you kind of get the idea.


Garrett is the rare example of how a purely left-brained person can be a vital part of a creative team. With nigh-unmatched knowledge and interest in IT, law, social media, politics and terms of service agreements, nobody at Em could tell you exactly what he does each day. But whatever it is, they can agree he’s good at it.

In his free time: He flaunts his Disney Fast Passes past the plebeian masses and enjoys valuable one-on-four dog time at home.

Ask him about: Dogs, 30 Rock, German cars (the good ones), piloting helicopters, and dogs

Don’t even get him started on: Any location north of Orlando, customer service call centers, wait times at chain restaurants