Photography Fred Lopez

Caleb Jensen


Easily the most “current” of anyone at Em, Caleb knows what’s good. He’s caught up on the shows, the music, the people, the fashion and design trends breaking right now—even better, he can discern which ones bang and which are on their way out. But that doesn’t mean he can’t appreciate the timeless classics. (Hint: Simplicity is always in.)


Caleb is an aspiring optimist, always searching for who’s doing great things in the world and on the web. Anything he hasn’t done, he’s eager to try; anything he doesn’t know, he’s eager to learn. He owns two cats because owning otters requires a permit.



In his free time: He restores midcentury furniture and prepares for the upcoming Christmas season. (No, this is not an outdated entry.)

Ask him about: Charli XCX, Tove Lo, growing up southern, flat brims on baseball caps

Don’t even get him started on: Disney culture, Rolex watches, slow walkers, the piña colada song